Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spanish for Page

is pagina (pa-hee-nah). My 8th period Algebra II class has taken a liking to speaking a lot of Spanish during class, which I'm ok with (they are not fluent Spanish speakers--they are all in Spanish 2 and butcher it pretty badly). Anyway, after writing page 240 #.... for some homework today, a kid wanted it changed to pagina. So, I did.

Well, then squirrely P quickly yelled, "Pagina! Ha!!" BUT--he pronounced the word by making it rhyme with a female body part.

I can't even look at it any more without thinking that pronunciation.

Friday, October 2, 2009

sometimes precal gets you down...

Poor E had a bad testing experience this week. First, she had to tell me her true feelings.

Then some realizations about the future were made...

At least she's aware! And, I got a heart.

Finally, a little story for the last page. If not an engineer, maybe a budding author?