Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm happy

that my Dad got to do this for one of his daughters.

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Not true!

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Monday, October 4, 2010

True Story

C is a sophomore who still flirts like a 3rd grader--she pulls hair, punches, says rude things, and GIGGLES entirely too much.

On several occasions I have said, "C--that's no way to get a boyfriend."

Today, C was flirting with Z. She picked up his binder and threw it on the ground. She stole his pencil. She giggled when he got mad about the binder. She asked to go to the bathroom, and on the way out the door she pulled Z's hair.

When she knocked to get back inside the classroom, Z didn't want to let her in. I told him to just tell her that he wasn't interested.

She came back in the room, sat down, and squirted Z with a water bottle. Z yelled, quite loudly, "C! Stop it! I don't like you like that! Leave me alone!"

So C got up, walked over, and pushed Z and his desk right over.