Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Me: "Did you have a good spring break"

A: "Yeah I guess. I had to kill 4 chickens."
Me: "Ok."
A: "And then feed their blood to my dogs. If you mix it with salt water it coagulates into a gelatinous substance."
Me: "Interesting."
A: "Yeah, any time my mom wants organic chicken she makes me kill them."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


for the craft overload. I just dumped the card on my camera.


These are horrible pictures. I might go show up at Mindy's house and demand a re-shoot. That backgroud fabric is supposed to be white, not sickly yellow.

Flowers are machine appliqued, then hand quilted around in brown thread. In between fabric flowers, other smaller flower motifs are hand quilted in white thread.

Tried to get a good picture of the back to show the hand quilting, but apparently couldn't hold still.

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Custom order for a friend of a friend's sister's wedding. Finished at 4ft. by 5ft.

Cages are hand embroidered with floss. Birds are machine applique'd. Machine quilted with swirls all over, except I traced around each bird and around each cage.

Back looks lumpier in these pictures than it does in real life.

I hope Julie and Aaron like it!

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A Christmas present for my Sister-in-Law Marsie. I free motion quilted the peony onto the brown with pink and white thread, then sashed and stuffed.

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For a fellow math teacher's new baby, Brandon.

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Heathen Christmas Present

Coffee quilt for a work friend. Quilted with swirls.

Pieced back. I like to piece the backs to use up the rest of the fabric.

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More Pictures...

My photography skills need some serious help.

Practicing another quilting pattern on a doll quilt.

Front is randomly pieced.

Practiced freezer paper pieceing this flower. Good method, but I this doll quilt is pretty ugly. And my photo assistant doesn't smooth things out well.

Quilted with straight-ish line stippling. Not my best.

Practiced echo quilting. Again with the smoothing!

Front of echo quilting practice.

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Hand Quilting

I decided I wanted to try hand quilting instead of doing it on the machine. Iappliqued the triangles to the white by machine, then sandwiched and hand quilted the grid pattern and around the triangles in white. I love it. Totally worth the time, in my opinion.

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For my new favorite fat nephew nuggett.

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Sister Sydney's Wedding Quilt being basted on the driveway. All the pictures of it finished are on my phone.
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The Mania Started

When I decided to practice quilting on little quilts.
Practice with pebble quilting

For Liesel

Practice stippling for Elora (I can't find the close up of her name)

Swirly for Annika

Lesson on tension if you look closely at Annika's name

Straight, manly lines for Austin V
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Back of Austin's