Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Me: "Did you have a good spring break"

A: "Yeah I guess. I had to kill 4 chickens."
Me: "Ok."
A: "And then feed their blood to my dogs. If you mix it with salt water it coagulates into a gelatinous substance."
Me: "Interesting."
A: "Yeah, any time my mom wants organic chicken she makes me kill them."


zIn said...

Yum. That sounds lovely *retching*. lol. Wanna hear a funny story? http://liveatmyspeed.blogspot.com/
I'm really super-kinda-new so I have no feedback, except from the hometown fan base.

robandlexie said...

I love your stories!!!! I found your blog, I'm adding it to my "list"

oh and here's mine if you feel like stocking :)