Sunday, August 31, 2008

Can you tell I'm excited about football?

here's a great little video of an interception from last week's game.

It's called pinball wizard...

Broncos Video


Saturday, August 30, 2008


FF Roster

Round Pick Player    Position
1        11 Maurice Jones-Drew    RB
2        2 Clinton Portis    RB
3        11 Michael Turner    RB
4        2 Santonio Holmes    WR
5        11 Greg Jennings    WR
6        2 Laurence Maroney    RB
7        11 Dallas Clark    TE
8        2 Felix Jones    RB
9        11 Chris Perry    RB
10       2 Nate Burleson    WR
11       11 Kevin Walter    WR
12       2 Sidney Rice    WR
13       11 Kurt Warner    QB
14       2 Robert Meachem    WR
15       11 Jeff Garcia    QB
16       2 Matt Leinart    QB
17       11 Philadelphia PHI    DST
18       2 Matt Prater    K

There were a couple of players I was targeting that got snaked from me, including Cutler, S. Young, Royal, Marshall, Hall, Stokley and Scheffler. But for the most part I think I got a decent team. I do think I waited just a little too long to pick my QB. Though I think Warner/Leinart will be good if one of them can actually hold the starting job.

What do you all think?

Who should my starting RB's be this week?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Blog List

Blogger just added a new widget called my blog list. Its not as nice as reader but does about the same things, since it tells you when the last time the blog updated was.

So now I'm asking you if you read my blog and your name is on the blog list, check to see when was the last time you updated. I see quite a few that are over a week and some haven't been updated in months!!!

shame on you :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Shaved my head again. I think I'm going to make a time delay movie of my hair growing. I know you all are so excited to watch hair grow!

I'll post it in a month or two when its complete.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Monroe, LA

Five years ago about 100 people where I work moved from Monroe to Austin. Our company was consolidating and closing that office. I quickly became friends with quite a few of them as they introduced me to Fantasy Football among other things. So for the last five years I've heard many stories and tales of the great city of Monroe. Well I finally had a chance to go visit this past weekend...

I'm not sure where to begin, so I'll talk a little about Monroe and a little about LA. Monroe is a small city that could have been a pretty nice city but slowly has become run down and pretty trashy. I saw a total of 4 garages as most homes have carports. I live in TX so I've seen my fair share of Rednecks, lawn decorations and cars on cinder blocks but Monroe simply put us to shame. (not in a good way) There was also just a sense of racial tension everywhere you went. I've never really experienced this, the majority of my childhood was in UT and AZ and they have very few African Americans and the large suburbs of Austin and Dallas don't have much racial tension either. But in Monroe you could just feel that there were years of hatred on both sides and neither side was about to act Christian and make amends. It really was quite sad.

LA was settled by the French and like all things French, it is about as screwed up as it can possibly be!!!!! First they want you to know that you are in their state. In Texas and the other states I've lived in we like to put a sign up saying welcome you are now entering a new state. In LA they decided to one up us, they designed all of their roads to be extremely noisy and bumpy to let us know for sure that we were no longer in TX. Then the decide to give everything names that no sane person can or should pronounce. And they even have a different legal system then the rest of the US. Having been there twice now I can safely say that as bad as the federal government screwed up Katrina (and it was bad) I have no doubt that the majority of the blame is on the French settling the state.

Now having ranted a bit, the trip was actually quite fun, I got to eat some pretty good food, participate in a fantasy football draft, and play 36 holes. Now the golf was nothing like TX. First I used to think playing golf in TX was like playing in hell. Well I was grossly mistaken. LA makes TX feel like Alaska! And the fairway grass was about 8 inches tall (I lost many balls in the fairway), the mosquitoes were as big as birds (donated atleast 2 pints of blood), the gnats were not very tasty (I only ate about 3 or 4 thousand as we were driving in the cart), the course was extremely wet and muddy and the water was very stagnant and smelled worse then a sewer. But it was golf and I enjoyed myself anyway.

Well that was my weekend...when/if I go back next year I'll be a little more prepared and will probably enjoy it even more.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Associate Principal

So, we have an associate principal. He was hired about a week ago. He's not a good public speaker. He was giving a presentation on Tuesday, and he would put a power point slide up, be totally silent for a few minutes, then say, "Next slide". Boring! That afternoon, we had another great presentation. We were allowed to ask questions this time. There were at least 22 questions asked (my friend and I started counting after a few of them), and he could not answer any of them. ZERO. Didn't know any of the answers.

The best part of the afternoon was finding all the errors on the presentation. The funniest one was:

"If a student is endanger of failing a class..."

This guy has a degree, right?

Poor Coaches

So, the coaches found out their coaching schedule today. They soon realized that they had been scheduled to teach World History and coach basketball during the same periods. We have high expectations at my school. So, the entire social studies department had to be totally re-scheduled. Rooms are decorated, copies are made, and people are now having to prepare for classes they haven't taught in years, or ever. School starts on Monday! I don't know if the kids will be as entertaining as our administration, but we'll see.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Remember that Superintendent I told you about? Well, she kindly informed the math, science, English, and history coordinators for the district that their jobs were being phased out. They would be required to teach 3 classes at the high school and coordinate half time, and next year they would have to teach full time or find other employment. This wouldn't be so bad, except that she gave them this news last Thursday. A little too late to find another job! To make it even worse for the math coordinator, the classes that she got stuck with are Algebra I Co-Teach, Math Models, and ACCELL Geometry. That's right, three totally different classes. On two different days. To top it off, these are full of what I would fondly call inmates. It's going to be a rough year.

School Drama

Hey, Crystal here. T Jay usually posts, but the school fun began yesterday, and I know I promised you all out there stories. Only the teachers are at school right now, and yesterday we had our convocation. All the schools get together, and it's supposed to be a peppy, teachers are so great and wonderful and you can do it! kind of time.
Our new superintendent was our speaker. She came aboard last year, in the middle of the year, and has not been making friends. Last year, a certain science teacher did not get a paper turned in to the AP board on time, so she canned him. He finished out the last couple of weeks of school, and what do you know, he's the teacher of the year!
Well, yesterday during convocation, all the teachers of the year from all the schools were being announced...only who was missing? That's right, the GHS teacher of the year. Ummm... the high school teachers actually booed. It was kind of funny. I was sure we were going to get lectured.
Thank goodness we didn't. Well, then she goes on to bore us with talk of the TAKS test and how we didn't do well enough, and now we're going to be under a microscope to make sure that we don't let those kids down! Then, a video was shown for a program that gives grants to teachers for classroom supplies. In it, the old superintendent was being interviewed, and the entire auditorium cheered for him. Not just the first time he came on. Every time. Perfect ending, don't you think?

Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm a G33K and I like Bawls

So Crys and I went to Houston for 4 very good reasons.

1. See the Denver Broncos play. I can't tell you how excited I am that the football season is here!!! I'm going to LA for a FF draft in 2 weeks and then have another here in Austin the week after.

The Broncos lost the game but it was still fun to see and I don't mind losing in preseason nor to the Broncos part 2. Cutler looked good. Marshall is a beast. Young did pretty good, Crystal kept asking me Selvin Young sounds familiar why do I know his name, I must have told her 5 times that he played college ball at UT.

2. Stop by MicroCenter and buy Bawl's new root beer called G33K B33R

While its not the best root beer I've ever had it was pretty dang good and the fact that it has Caffeine and Guarana is a definite plus. I know a lot of purists will say root beer shouldn't be caffeinated but sometimes I need a pick me up and instead of reaching for a Red Bull or Coke, why not reach for a root beer?

BTW I have been drinking Bawls Guarana since '97 and '98 and its a very good soda, though it is NOT the same as the Guarana sodas in Brazil. My favorite from Brazil is Kuat, Guarana Jesus and Antartica, though the only kind I can find here recently is Antartica. 7-11 used to carry Kuat in a fountain drink but stopped for some reason. (I might have been the only one drinking it) Back to the list of reasons

3. See my cousin Karla, she's my Aunt Sherri's oldest daughter, I haven't seen her in 12 years but they just moved to TX so we had to go see her. Her husband is a doctor and they have a super cute son who is almost 2. We BBQ'd at her house and had a lot of fun.

4. See Shaunna and her family. Its nice to see Emmerson without Grandpa being around because I am then her favorite. (No one compares to Grandpa) Camden is as cute and fat as ever. I think she might be my favorite so far cause she is dang lazy, she just sits there and smiles, she's even too lazy to cry! I love it.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Crazy women and vampires!

So um I got suckered into going with Crystal and Nicole to Walmart to pick up the new book by Stephanie Meyer at midnight of course the good news is that we only waited 10 minutes and the book was only $13. Here are some pics of the event.

One of Crystal's students was there, so I had to get a picture of the three of them and their books.

I only had my phone so the pictures aren't great but if you look closely Crystal and Nicole were by far the oldest people in line. And I was the only person with testosterone in the line...

Can't you just feel the tension and excitement?

Walmart even gave us free stickers, punch and cake. Take that fans who waited at 9am at Barnes and Noble!!